Code of business conduct and ethics

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October 2012

A word from the chairman

TFE Group, in conformity with its evolution, values and commitments has to operate with respect of all laws and regulations applied in each individual country where it operates. Thus being in accordance on any circumstances with the principles and rules described in its Ethical Charter.

In order to achieve this goal, TFE Group, has set up an Ethical Policy that regulates within the Group, any strategic decision taken, our Management Team and our Professional behaviour.

This policy aims at guaranteeing a flawless morality in our relationships with business partners, customers and suppliers.

TFE Group is also equipped with the necessary monitoring tools to measure compliance to this commitment.

Any individual acting on behalf of TFE Group has to be made aware of these requirements and has to apply them in their daily professional conduct. Anyone has to respect and abide by the principles described in the Reference Policy of our Group.

Laurent DUB